Plays for the Third Age

Actors and audiences grow old, but most new plays are written to be performed and watched by the young.
Third Age Theatre aims to change all that. It’s here to make available, to professional and amateur companies alike, well-written plays aimed at audiences in their third age – broadly, people in their fifties or older.
All our plays will have substantial parts for older actors – some of them will be written entirely for older actors. All of them will speak to older audiences. 

And all of them will be professional pieces of work by experienced playwrights who have been produced throughout the UK.
The cult of youth in new writing venues means that good new plays for the third age haven’t been available before. Now they are.

Our Scripts are Free to Review

While our scripts are free to review, you will need to register for a review account. This is very quick and simple to do, and will allow you access to a special menu option to download any plays of interest.

To Register, simply click the 'Register' button below. Once registered you may download play scripts at any time in the future, by clicking the 'Login' button below.

Ned Monaghan Country Life The Green CrowLucien Morgan and Suzanne Kendall